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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 30, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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than an hour ago chris culliver released a statement, the derogatory comments i made yesterday were a reflection of thoughts in my head, but they are not how i feel. it has taken me seeing them in print to realize that they are hurtful and ugly. those discriminating feelings are truly not in my heart. i pledge to learn and grow from this experience. end quote. the 49ers did release a statement not soon after those comments became national news saying the san francisco 49ers rejected comments made yesterday and have addressed the matter with chris. there's no place for d discrimination within our 0 organization at any level. we have and always will proud willy support the lgb community. it goes without saying this is not what the 49ers wanted to be dealing with here at the super bowl. reporting live from new orleans, ahmed fareed. we've done this before. this isn't the first time the 49ers are apologizing for
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anti-gay comments. about ten years can ago garrison hurst made comments about sharing a locker room with gay players. he, too, apologized as did the 49ers. and earlier this week it became known former 49ers lineman harris is gay. he was arrested for allegedly beating up an ex-boyfriend. they claim harris and hurst were on the 49ers roster together in 2003. tonight harris released a statement exclusively to nbc bay area. it reads, it's surprising that in 2013 chris culliver would use his 15 minutes to spread vi it t triol and hate. i recognize these are comments that he may come to regret and that he may come to see gay people are not so different than straight people. win or lose sunday, here is something san franciscans do not want, chaos on the streets following the game. that's exactly what happened when the giants won the world series and nowhere was it harder
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hit than in the mission district. today city leaders paint a personal visit to ensure those business owners it won't happen again. some worries and concerns from everyone in the area. stephanie? >> reporter: they have some plans in place that include more officers here on the ground especially in the mission, very popular, lots of restaurants, lots of shops. there is a lot of concern because back in october during the world series win, even the police here on valencia street was hit. some reports of officers getting bottles thrown at them. we spoke with people who work in the area who say even though the game is in new orleans, they're bracing for possible damage here at home. >> here we go again. >> reporter: this is one niners fan a little less excite d abou super bowl xlvii. >> i am actually kind of nervous. we've been talking about it for the past week, what's going to happen after the super bowl. >> reporter: she is working
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sunday night at the weston wear store, a street bombarded by mobs of out-of-control fans when the giants won the world series in october. >> we saw smoke and fire and glass breaking. >> reporter: dozens of garbage fires. >> the car was in flames. >> keeping people from breaking out windows. >> it was bad last time. >> reporter: today city leaders visited some of the hard hit businesses. >> so the chief and i and the fire chief, we're all down here walking together to reassure everybody we want the greatest celebration we can on a win. >> reporter: the mayor has asked area bars to consider how much hard liquor they're serving and the police chief isn't giving specifics but says you can expect to see a lot more officers than people did after the world series win. >> we'll double up on the amount of officers that are going to work the postgame with what we
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believe to be a huge celebration. >> reporter: a $700,000 bus has been working with police and will tweet police if trouble pops up. these women have their safety plan ready, too, if things start to break. >> we're going to close the door, turn off the lights and go home. >> reporter: and one good sign, the police saying the public safety plan, the police department safety plan after the nfc championships went very well, that they only had 12 arrests, mostly for public drunkenness and added it was so successful they were able to send officers home early counting one-third of the ot that would have been. they're hoping for a repeat that have this sunday. live in san francisco, nbc by area news. >> we're hoping for a peaceful celebration come sunday evening. stay with us for a complete sup super bowl coverage. we're the largest team of bay area reporters and photographers on the ground in new orleans bringing you updated stories both on air and online at
6:05 pm chevron says it will appeal the fine levied today. that punishment for the august 6 fire at a richmond refinery will send a cloud of gas and black smoke over several neighborhoods. thousands of people in the path of that pollution went to area hospitals complaining of eye irritation, breathing problems. they say investigators found will full violations in the response before, during, and after the fire. there is a degree here of the kind of possibility, of serious injury or death and the fact that chevron does not take reasonable action when they knew there were serious hazards and it intentionally and knowingly did not follow state law. >> chevron disputes the claims saying, quote, although we acknowledge we fail to live up to our own expectations we do
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not agree with several of the findings. the material used to make nuclear bombs rolling through the bay area streets and being stored and tested at a local lab. federal officials are considering. tonight that group is raising the red flag. nbc bay area's kris sanchez has more in livermore. it's going to be an eye opening public forum. >> reporter: thank you very much, raj. the facilities to test those plutonium cores, what makes a bomb a bomb. they haven't had the security adequate to do that kind of work since september and yet now there is talk about bringing some of those bomb cores or pits from los alamos to livermore labs for testing, something the watchdog group says could be catastrophic. >> they literally shake and bake plutonium bomb cores.
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>> reporter: marylia says not once has they taken pits from new mexico. >> there are safer alternatives. it makes nobody safe. to put the bomb cores on a truck at los alamos, bring them through at least three states, take the shortest route to livermore labs, test them at livermore labs, put them back on the truck, send them back across the three states to los alamos labs. >> our understanding is they're having some very, very predecisional discussions about possibilities. >> jim bono, the public affairs, says the national if you can leer safety administration will make the decision. the same agency that removed all nuclear materials from lawrence livermore to save money and increase safety. "time" magazine reported the lab security failed a 2008 simulated terror attack which highlighted a number of serious security
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shortcomings at livermore. the statement reads in part, nsa has no plans to return security category i/ii material such as pits to lawrence livermore national laboratory. should it become necessary to revisit the decision nnsa would only do so after carefully evaluating the policy and program implications of such a change. but according to documents from the government accountability office there are no plans to move the testing facilities out of livermore and there are no testing facilities in new mexico. kelly says that means the possibility of plutonium bomb cores coming to livermore is very real. >> you can't wait until they have a final decision to bring the pits here and they're loading the bomb cores on the truck, and then say, wait. change of plan. now is the time to change the plan. >> reporter: if you want to be part of that discussion, tri-valley cares will host a community forum starting at 7:00 to 9:00 here at livermore public
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library on south livermore road. he also plans to continue their outreach to the community and their advocacy in washington, d.c. in livermore, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thanks, kris. an update on the story we showed you, the cliff rescue. a woman and her dog were rescued by the national park service firefighters. the 45-year-old fell down the cliff trying to get to her dog who had first fallen. part of the emergency crew stabilized the hiker at the bottom of the bluff and then another team, as you see here, struggled to haul the dog to safety, finally bringing it up. the animal was stranded about the halfway point. the owner is in serious condition. the dog okay. it is a place for hikers and dog owners near the southwest part of the city. this happens be to be the second rescue you of a dog and an owner just this week there. >> does wall street like facebook's earnings report? scott budman with answers
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straight ahead. also, double dipping. a crackdown on an be obscure practice involving state workers and jobs. he's a suspect in a violent home invasion in the south bay. he's made headlines for another incident a few years ago. we'll have the new information. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. warmest weather in months here with 71 in santa teresa and 70 in palo alto. we'll talk about larger changes in the seven-day forecast and when rain returns on the radar in just a few minutes.
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right now people are gathering for the annual candlelight march to honor a student who disappeared 24 years ago today. eileen was 13 years old when she vanished while walking home interest wells middle school in 1989. more than two decades later her parents and twin brother are
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leading another vigil and another march. it starts at 7:00 at wells middle school and will follow the path ilene took the evening she was abducted. a bay area man is suing the boy scouts. he claims he was sexually abused by his scout leader 30 years ago. he's now 49 years old and a veteran of the u.s. coast guard. he says he was frequently abused by his vacaville scoutmaster when he was 14. officials at the local and re regional levels knew about his leader's inappropriate contact with the young boys. he says he filed a suit to send a message to other former boy scouts who are also abused. >> first, you are not alone. this is not your fault. it's okay to talk about it, and you have nothing to be ashamed about. and i encourage you to stand up, to speak out, and to seek your own resolution and accountability. very good. >> the boy scout's golden empire
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council or the organization would comment on the latest suit. today is the late nest a string of sexual abuse lawsuits against the boy scouts of america or its affiliates. tonight we're learning a young man accused in a high profile san jose robbery may have been in legal trouble before. 18-year-old james palmerson took off with his girlfriend in his gra grandmother's car when he was 14 years old and a middle school student. the teens were found in denver after he tried to use his grand father's atm card. he is due in court this week in connection with four armed robberies in east san jose and a brazen home invasion robbery. no more moonlighting, perhaps. governor brown wants to stop the controversial practice that allows full-time state employees to moonlight for their departments at an hour ly wage. "the sacramento bee" reporting several held more than one state position. these workers included salaried managers who are not eligible for overtime. they have come under fire for
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paying hourly wages to salaried employees for customer service and various computer work. no new appointments will be allowed until an investigation into this practice is complete. facebook just got a lot more profitable thanks to all of you facebooking from your mobile devices. nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott budman has the lowdown on today's numbers and the newest smartphone. >> reporter: more growth, more hiring and a jump in earnings. that's the message from facebook ceo mark zuckerberg today as his company reported quarterly profit numbers that came in ahead of what wall street expected. facebook earning the biggest revenue jump from mobile customers who are joining facebook in a rapid clip. mobile ads starting to bring in lots of dollars for facebook and that's what investors want to hear. zuckerberg also says facebook will hire quickly in 2013 to continue to develop money making product. facebook already grew by 44% in 2012.
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research in motion on the other hand has been rapidly shrinking as its blackberry phone sales have fallen way off. today launching the latest blackberry phone to pretty good reviews. also the company says it will change its name to blackberry. makes sense. blackberry shares down 12% on the day. taking a step back in time, pbs is about to launch a documentary for its american experience series called silicon valley, a look at what really happened as the tech revolution got under way from fair child to intel, hp to apple, building the tech industry and changing history. >> and we've always been on the forefront of the news but the idea of having a path is alien to us. we almost prefer not to think about all of those years that came before because we're in the here and now building companies. >> the documentary brings together most of the surviving members of the traders eight, those who left semiconductor to form fair child which later spun
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out intel. pbs hosting a premiere tonight in mountain view at the computer history museum, the sexual doc will premiere on pbs this coming tuesday. back to you. some real reality television. >> let's turn things over for real reality about the outside. a lot of sunshine today and temperatures 10 degrees above our average and what we really need across the bay area is the rainfall. we've only had seven days of rain throughout january are for the south bay. doppler radar is dry. the best hope of a larger storm system we've had in at least a couple of weeks. more on that coming up. the highs today, 69 in santa rosa. 64 in san rafael. our warmest temperature down in the south bay with 71 in santa teresa after those offshore winds started to develop today, that's 71 degrees is now one of the warmest days we have had in over two months. that official high coming from steve hall says thank you so much. now a look outside of our live skyc camera network. under very mild and unusual
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weather for this time of the year, not going to cause any problems at the airports or on the road. once again, dry forecast here the next couple of days. also to the bay bridge those lights are very, very bright tonight. we'll have visibility at ten miles and/or better. so here is the deal. high pressure sitting offshore. that will continue the sinking air that's very, very warm for this time of the year and also giving us this slight offshore flow. so that will keep us clear for the morning hours. 30s and 40s. and then as we head throughout the afternoon, temperatures in the 60s and even a few low 70s expected. for tomorrow morning, by the 8:00 a.m. hour, most of us will be in the mid to upper 40s. comfortable. you need a jacket to start. by the afternoon, by the bay and the interior valleys, upper 60s and potentially even a few low 70s coming our way. on that three-day forecast, we'll keep it sunny here as we head throughout thursday, friday, and also on saturday. plenty of mid-60s coming into the forecast and just in case you're wondering what it will be
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like there in new orleans, no rainfall coming for that super bowl. we know it will be inside the dome but a lot of people heading that way. temperatures will be in the low to mid-60s. even for those folks that don't have tickets outside for the huge party that's going to be going on for whoever ends up winning, i don't want to jinx it, that weather will be cooperating. more on the seven day forecast. >> we'll see you then, jech. still ahead at 6:00. heavyweight worries for women. links of childhood obese itty to another disease. who has it better than us? nobody! >> and you wonder where jim harbaugh gets his enthusiasm. they're fun, they're candid. we're talking about the harbaugh parents. an exclusive bay area one-on-one. >> and it's not your average cover story, the local man who has turned into a passion project.
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officials are testing a system that will ultimately change the way millions of drivers pay their toll on the golden gate bridge. officials began testing this morning. drivers didn't notice a change. how exactly does it work? >> we've added a new layer. you'll get a bill in the mail. at that will generate a bill to your address. that's the backup plan. >> it is expected to go all electronics. it will be the first to do so. it would save about $19 million over eight years. >> we remember vinyl. many of you have never used it. talking record players here. >> the story tonight isn't
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what's on the record. it's about what the record comes in. a bay area man spreading his love of album art. >> right when rock 'n' roll was in its inception, we loved the music. >> reporter: like so many bitten by the rock 'n' roll bug, christensen started acalm lating records as a kid. >> he realized he didn't just own thousands of records, he owned thus of pieces of art. >> the unique work of a photographer or artist. >> warhol has done a lot of covers. i thought, hey, you can get a warhol print for under $10. >> reporter: the covers
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documented moments in time, chasics like the beatles lonely hearts album or the blind faith cover of a nude 11 ye-year-old l shot by san francisco photographer. >> the competition who could do the most outrageous cover. yoko ono once used bloody gladded for an album cover. >> this was her express of something very tragic that happened in her life. >> christensen tells the story of michael rio whose art graced 40 million copies of carlos santana's supernatural album. >> how many people are buying santana's music and the album i've done with him already.
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>> reporter: it mourps the passing of the record and its potential as a canvas for art. >> it reduced the size of the artwork and thus the impact, i think, of it. >> reporter: cover story is showing around the bay area. showing a nostalgic light on a medium that looked as unique as it sounded. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> a very cool collection. >> we know eric. >> we do. good for him. surprising new revelations into the manti te'o story. what the man behind the hoax is now saying. >> a larger than life passion are for the 49ers. the local patient not letting his condition ruin the super bowl for him. then, arming teachers. the dramatic new proposal to keep classrooms safe. plus -- >> i'm damian trujillo live.
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some key players for and against gun control testified today in washington, d.c., before a senate jew diudiciary committee. >> former congresswoman gabrielga gabrielle giffords argued for univer universal background checks on gun buyers, a ban on assault weapons and limits on high-compa high-capacity magazines. the national rifle association and supporters propose any type of new legislation but giffords pleaded for action now. >> you must act. be bold. be courageous. americans are counting on you. >> the debate on gun control will be back on the spotlight on
6:29 pm
monday when president obama heads to minneapolis for his first trip outside washington to pitch his proposal on reducing gun violence. >> she is making a list in the south bay and it's a list you don't want to be on. the sheriff in santa clara county says she has a list of people who own guns illegally. nbc bay area's damian trujillo has details and joins us live with reaction from the sheriffs. very interesting, damian. >> reporter: in fact, in some cases the sheriff has already taken action on some of these cases. this is called the armed and prohibited list and there are several hundred people who are on that list. some of them own assault rifles. >> what kind of gun is it? >> reporter: mike fournier says you're out of luck if you think you're going to buy a gun from him and you have a shady background. >> we get a lot of people with driver's license tickets, temporary holds because somebody applied for a new job and their file is not complete.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: not to mention the ten-day waiting period in california. the gun exchange store extends it to 11 days and there is the state's gun safety test. >> we have the strictest laws in the nation. >> reporter: but there are people who went through all of these safety checks and are now on the prohibited list, meaning they can no longer own a gun legally because of a criminal history. >> i'm always concerned about firearm violence. i'm did he haefinitely concerne those armed and prohibited. >> reporter: there are 529 of these people in santa clara county. altogether they own 1,239 guns. 54 of them are assault rifles, and the sheriff says she is going to get all of those guns out of the hand of the people on the list. >> the community is concerned about this. we know that it exists and that's why we're going to do kind of a hard-hitting plan of getting these guns away from the people particularly the assault rifles. >> reporter: the sheriff says
6:31 pm
her deputies have pulled some of these guns off the streets. she hopes people on the prohibited list turn in their guns voluntarily but she won't hesitate to send in the s.w.a.t. team. >> well, safety is always a concern. we have the best deputy sheriffs in the entire world. they're highly trained. >> reporter: the sheriff says the targets at the top of her list are the people with assault rifles. the sheriff says she will look at these individuals on a case-by-case basis and obtain a search warrant if she has to. sheriff smith also says some of these individuals have already moved out of the area. i'm damian trujillo. a california lawmaker wants to allow school districts to use education funds to train teachers and other school employees to carry guns. republ republican assemblyman tim donnelly says his proposal would help protect from violence. he also believes the weapons would be in capable hands. >> the concept is that they
6:32 pm
conceal carry, that they remain anonymous so the gun is not in their desk. it is not in their purse. it is not anywhere but on their person. they are responsible for it at all times. >> the proposed bill is modeled after the federal martial program which has air marshals to guard against terrorism. while on the same day that giffords was in washington plead ing for gun control, a gunman opened fire at an office complex. three people were shot, a total of six injured. police say the lone gunman walked into the phoenix building this morning, got into an argument with someone in the lobby and shot several people before running away. police say they haven't found a motive but don't think it was a random act. the office building houses insurance, medical and law offices. the gunman has yet to be found. in san francisco today dozens of young bay area residents became the nation's newest citizens. >> the constitution and the laws -- >> the constitution and the
6:33 pm
laws -- >> of the united states of america -- >> of the united states of america -- >> quite a special ceremony. most of these new scitizens are teenagers born overseas before moving here with parents who immigrated legally. if at least one parent has become a citizen, they automatically, these teenagers and kids, can automatically become citizens as well. so immigration is the new hot button topic prompted by president obama. just yesterday mr. obama outlined his plan for reform. so what will it mean for california and the nation? let's bring in political analyst lay larry gerston. nothing is random in politics so why now? >> reporter: it's about the numbers, raj. latinos are now 17% of the nation. they were 10% of the vote in 2012, and that's up from 2% in 1992. politically latinos no longer can be ignored especially as they get close to influencing outcomes in red states like
6:34 pm
arizona and texas as they have already done in new mexico, colorado, and florida. >> you bring up latino voters who are citizens, so why is immigration such a big issue? is it a trickle down effect? >> great question. i think there are two reasons. >> reporter: of course they recall the difficulties with gaining their citizen shship an second, many have relatives or friends here illegally because democrats have pressed this issue and republicans have resisted it more than seven out of at the point latino voters voted for barack obama, the democrat,2012. there's your connection. >> so it's a big issue around the country but especially i would imagine the numbers back it up for us in california in terms of illegal immigration and arizona. >> reporter: it gets heavy here. even more significantly nationwide california has 12% of the nation's population. a quarter, by the way, a quarter of the nation's illegal immigrants. 80% of that group are latinos. overall latinos are 38% of the state.
6:35 pm
the largest ethnic block in california and latinos were 23% of the state's voters in 2012. that's up from 10% in 1990. add to it, 75% of all california latino 0s voted for obama. those are the same numbers that helped to pass proposition 30. so the bottom line is this. whether in california or in other areas across the nation, republicans have a choice. if they hope to attract more whites from a group getting smaller and smaller or reach out to minorities on their issues, and that's what is up front. >> it is a big issue for the republican party. thank you, layrry. close the tax loop on the wealthiest americans, that's the message members of congress and state leaders urged today during a rally in fremont. congressman mike conda joined union members speaking outside of the social security office. they say they want congress to
6:36 pm
avoid cuts in social security, medicaid, and offer a safety net for those who need it and have earned it. >> your hard work, your sweat, made this community possible, made this country possible. it's our soldiers who fight overseas on our behalf that make this possible. >> now there are similar rallies being held across the country all week. still ahead at 6:00, a new warning for girls. the serious company now being linked to obesity. plus, on the big screen to the super bowl. baltimore ravens lineman michael ohr's story. and a lot of photos coming in today of the sunshine across the bay. this one in milpitas. it looks so great from our weather watcher, that allergy forecast is going into the high category tomorrow so watch out. we have that full forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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in health matters, what could be a link between hildhood obesity and increased risk to developing multiple sclerosis. a new study finds the heavier the chirp the greater the risk. this is true among adolescent girls. the new study only shows that ms and childhood obesity are associated with one another at this point. do doctors say children at very low risk of ms but childhood ms appears to be increasing. it's still unclear if there's a true increase or whether doctors are getting better at recognizing it in kids. more twists and turns in the manti te'o hoax. dr. phil sat down for an
6:40 pm
interview with the mastermind behind the alleged hoax, tuiasosopo. >> i wanted to end it because after everything i had gone through, i finally realize that i just had to move on with my life. >> this young man revealed that the hoax developed, that he developed, he started to develop romantic feelings for the notre dame player. this caused him to be confused about his own sexual identity. he passed himself off as manti te'o's girlfriend saying it was his voice on the phone with the player. the notre dame star had absolutely nothing to do with the hoax. the two-part interview will air tomorrow and friday on the dr. phil show. >> and so the saga continues. we're midweek already. >> almost to friday. >> revelation. >> it feels good, doesn't it? a live look. some clear skies. our next best chance of rain will be coming up in a few
6:41 pm
minutes. all right, jeff. and here in new orleans where it's getting a little bit chilly, news of randy moss calling him seven the greatest wide receiver of all time. his fellow wide receivers will weigh in. plus, how about this at the super bowl. everyone wants to hear what the harbaugh parents think about their sons facing off in the super bowl. but they only gave one local one-on-one tv interview, and we got it. that's coming up from the xfinity sports desk. hello?
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it is wednesday but we all have our eyes on the weekend. >> it's going to be awesome out here. is that what you want to hear? >> yes. >> some good weather coming our way across the bay area. today was just the kickoff here of some of this awesome weather. santa teresa had 70. 69 in santa rosa. sunnyvale 68. san jose topping out at 67 degrees. right now we are seeing numbers drop off. low 50s so definitely some 30s expected in the north bay tonight and also 56 in san jose. let's take you outside of that live high definition skyc camer network. you see the city lights, also that haze back to the hills.
6:44 pm
but straight up above it is going to be absolutely clear for tonight. that area of high pressure we have been talking about for days to bring us the potential of 70s is finally sitting in just the right spot to not only give us some of that hot air to the upper levels but the key component to getting some of the 70s today even for tomorrow and for friday and part of saturday's forecast is that slight offshore wind. we're going to see that continue in the forecast here once again as we head throughout the next several days and that's going to give us the best shot at 70s not for the east bay or the north bay but down into the south bay. if you live in santa cruz, palo alto, gilroy, sunnyvale or saratoga, upper 60s to 70s with that slight offshore wind really kicking off down there across the south bay hills but here's the other side of the coin. we need the rainfall. in san jose for january we've only had .69 of an inch. we should have 2.81 for the entire month. so not even a quarter of what we should have for this time of the
6:45 pm
year. in the seven-day forecast we are going to start to pick up on some more rainfall. i'll have that coming up. for tonight, 36 in santa rosa. 37 in napa. 36 in livermore. also 42 in san jose. 41 los gatos. 41 in santa cruz. tomorrow daytime highs top out near 70 in santa rosa. 66 in san rafel. 66 in livermore. south bay going to be one of the warmest. 70 in gilroy. back to santa cruz. 70s for you. and right up to san francisco also looking at 68 degrees. the forecast stays sunny the next couple of days, some smooth sailing here. temperatures cool off a bit but not a whole lot. and then for next week, there you go. there are those changes, cloud cover increasing monday and tuesday. and right now forecast models are juicing it up for wednesday and thursday. could be one of the biggest storm systems we've had and potentially the past couple of weeks.
6:46 pm
maybe a half inch to over an inch of rain. still seven to eight days out but it's the best indication we've had of any kind of rainfall like that in a long, long time. so we are totally stoked about that in the weather center. and i'm keeping my fingers crossed. >> we're not going to be as stoked if we're having a 49ers parade that day, jeff. >> we'll make it work. >> we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. thanks, jeff. back to our 49ers coverage. he may be 7, but jacob murphy already has a man cave. he's turned his room at the hospital into a 49ers fan zone. you see he has a heart defect so he has to host a super bowl party from his hospital bed. eventually he'll be in line for a heart transplant but, for now, it's about the super bowl and he has a message for coach jim harbaugh. >> win. >> just win? >> make the 49ers win. tell them to win. >> eventually his plan is when ep gets his new heart to play
6:47 pm
football or to become a coach or be somewhere on the field with the players and, you know, whether it's a doctor or a coach or announcer, what not, his goal is to be on the field some way, some how. >> but to make that happen jacob predicts sunday's final score will be niners 34 ravens 0. >> we're writing that down. you might have read the best-selling book or seen the movie "the blind side" with sandra bullock. the real stare is a real-life player for the baltimore ravens. let's bring in nbc bay area's loren scott. this is such a special story. >> reporter: it really is, raj. out here they have a term that means to give you something extra, something nice. while you think we're talking about the baltimore ravens player who has been in a movie, his story of his life, a little
6:48 pm
something extra. take a look. from the pages of a book to a movie starring new orleans resident sandra bullock, the life story of ravens offensive tackle michael oher is known the world over through "the blind side" named as such because the tackle protects the quarterback's blind side and now oher's story is a real-life sequel at the super bowl. >> it's a dream come true. i'm honestly amazed just to be at this game. it's amazing. >> reporter: and here is another connection, the author of "the blind side" michael lewis who wrote "moneyball" lives in berkeley and is a new orleans native. he and michael oher stay in c contact. >> he's a great guy. he did a great job with everything he's done. i'm proud of him. >> reporter: outside of the french quarter several years ago we reported about the cleanup and rebuilding efforts after hurricane katrina and this is what we've seen in the ninth ward of the days we've been here, much more work needed but some rays of light.
6:49 pm
you want to talk about the revitalization efforts in the ninth ward, musicians village, a cooperation between habitat for humanity and musicians harry connick injujr. all coming toge to ensure the musicians and artists in new orleans have places to live that have been rebuilt. it's vital to this area because in new orleans, the culture is commerce. and the city of new orleans is getting prepared for super bowl sunday and the fans will start arriving in droves in the days ahead. meanwhile, on the streets, no shortage of super bowl talk and unique characters. >> we're actually in town. my son and i have the thing we take two wounded soldiers to every stadium. we have four. >> reporter: a great day all around town. we'll have much more at 11:00. it was windy today and a word to the wise, never eat outside on a windy day. i was coated in powder. i don't know if it's showing up
6:50 pm
on tv. it's like a scar face moment earlier today here in new orleans. that's the scene. we'll see you later. >> was it dandruff or powder? just kidding. right there at the superdome, about a mile away on the banks of the mississippi there's jim kozimor. >> i hope you've been having some beignets, too. it's so cold out here. say you're going to new orleans. you think it's going to be nice and warm. are you kidding me? it's about 36 degrees with the windchill. oh, my goodness. the big easy. this is the big freezy. let's talk sports, everybody, are shall we? everyone knows the big story has to do with the harbaugh family and that means the harbaugh parents are going to be in the spotlight. jack and jackie harbaugh only granted one local one-on-one interview with a station. guess who got it? our david feldman. >> as a mom how hard is it watching her two boys going at it knowing one is going to win?
6:51 pm
>> i kind of think in the moment. i'm not even comparing on anything like that. i'm thinking in the moment of what's happening out there and what they're going through. that's what i'm thinking about and hoping it's a well-played game and i don't have anything profound to add. >> the thing is, jackie, everyone says jack harbaugh was their role model. jim says it's great that our dad was our hero and john says the same thing. jack always says they get the passion and the reason they're a little fired up because of jackie harbaugh. >> i just think we both have a lot of passion for what we do. and i think my role has been always that i made sure that my sons and my daughter respect what jack does and understands what he does as a father, and that's the most important thing
6:52 pm
for me as a mother, that they understand that. and they do respect him, and they do love him so much. >> jack, when you were driving them around in the back seat and you'd look around and say, i don't care what we're doing, who's got it better than us? john told me he was a little ticked jim brought that to the niners. he wished they brought it to the ravens. >> i think he shared that with me as well. i saw john got one with enthusiasm. >> which jim uses, too. >> john snuck that into his press conference today trying to get a one-up on jim. >> no, but i think that one we used to say more than anything. >> reporter: attack the day? >> attack the day. and the interesting thing about that statement is we've had other parents call us and tell us that they have use that had with their children and they said, what a great thing to be able to say to their kids. to have a positive outlook on your life. >> reporter: what a great family and a great story. yesterday randy moss made big
6:53 pm
news at media day by calling him seven the greatest wide receiver ever to play the game. today two of the 49ers wide receivers gave their opinion on moss' comments. >> he's the man. there's a lot of people on our team that help out. >> i have a lot of respect like michael irvin, randy moss, t.o. man, i don't know, man. i have a lot of respect for all those guys. >> and any way you slice it, the great players come up big and the biggest of them all sunday, super bowl xlvii from the superdome. we'll continue our coverage on nbc bay area news that will do it for now. raj and jessica, one thing i do know, the people don't like it when you complain about weather when you're at the super bowl when they'd like to be at the super bowl. just ask my twitter account. they did not like my joke at the
6:54 pm
start of this thing. but it is the big freezy. >> you need a hot chocolate with some beignets. >> thank you. yes, i do. >> jim kozimor from the big freezy along the mississippi. thank you, jim. for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage including 49ers, warriors and sharks, watch sports net central tonight at 150r. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals
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real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. would you believe free hamburgers for life? just in case you didn't know colin kaepernick is a huge fan of hamburgers. now one restaurant chain is hoping to capitalize on that. they are offering kaepernick free food for life if the team wins on super bowl sunday,
6:57 pm
putting an ad in tomorrow's "chronicle" outlining their g d golden offer. if you emerge as the winning quarterback sunday we'll give you free red robin for life. we're game. are you? located next to the 49ers headquarters. >> i'd jump on that one. tonight at 11:00 a runaway dog tracked down two years later here in the bay area. it's too late to reunite him with his owner. find out who will care for the pup now. have a great evening.
6:58 pm
>> now on "extra" -- lindsay's amazing race to court. why she hightailed it to l.a. after trying to call in sick. >> glad to see you are feeling better.
6:59 pm
>> we hear she got rejected from hotel after hotel. >> how she dodged the fashion police and why nancy grace is unleashing today. >> she could burn down the courthouse and they would put her in alcohol rehab. >> "extra" crime time with nancy. >> there are 11 men on that jury, confirmed. >> was manti te'o's hoaxster in love with him? >> are you then therefore gay? >> now trending brandi glanville reveals her x-rated revenge on eddie. >> who would you think would be the best to play? lawyer i don't know that there is any one answer. >> the super bowl strip down that nobody will ever forget. >> maria, i know you made good on your super bowl bet. you ready to go round 2 this on your super bowl bet. you ready to go round 2 this year?


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